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Vote for Martin's Casuals as Best of the Best in APP!

It's time to vote for the Best of the Best in 2021!

Thank you for your support over the past few years and for voting us the Best of the Best Shoe Store and Best of the Best Clothing Store in Ocean County for 2020. We couldn't have done this without our team, customers, family, and friends!

This year included a nomination round prior to voting and Martin's Casuals has advanced to the voting round for 3 categories (Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing & Shoes) that will run from August 11th (today) until August 30th.

HERE'S HOW TO VOTE FOR US: 1. Click the link below (or here)

2. Click the category "Clothing"

3. Vote for Martin's Casuals in:

  • "Local Men's Clothing"

  • "Local Women's Clothing"

  • "Local Shoe Store"


*You must complete the registration form in order to submit your nomination(s). *Only one email address per user will be accepted *Can vote once per category daily (aka 3 times for Martin's Casuals)! *Voting is open from today August 11th-August 30th!

We appreciate your continual support! :)


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